The Final Detail

With Esme’s help, and that is a serious understatement, I got my Inspiration timeline created at MCGC. She is a marvel. I have vowed to take remedial building workshops to improve my skills. I believe I can learn to build, like the little engine that could. I think I can, I think I can. I realized as she was helping to create the walkway with my timeline that we were working with geometry and algebra. Duh. Just another example of the practical applications for SL in the classroom. Someone like me…who although may appear to be linear (hence the lengthy timeline) is actually a very visual person that likes to do things hands-on to learn best.

Here is picture of the timeline as it resides now on the MCGC Island as well as happily in my inventory. HMMM maybe I will put it on the lawn in front of DY building on LLI.

I am as happy as a clam…so I might just go dig some. Thanks again Esme.

All Over the Map

My next few posts are not probably going to be sequential but I want to get some posts made as I get the time. I taught last week and am going to the November Conference in about an hour. Some of my classmates got a little overwhelmed when Esme suggested a flickr account. I have so many Web 2.0 accounts…it is crazy. But I need to experiment with everyone I hear about so I can see whether I can use them with students and teachers. Many of them replicate others so I try to pick and choose the ones I expose teachers to that are the most user friendly and have the most practical applications.