The Final Detail

With Esme’s help, and that is a serious understatement, I got my Inspiration timeline created at MCGC. She is a marvel. I have vowed to take remedial building workshops to improve my skills. I believe I can learn to build, like the little engine that could. I think I can, I think I can. I realized as she was helping to create the walkway with my timeline that we were working with geometry and algebra. Duh. Just another example of the practical applications for SL in the classroom. Someone like me…who although may appear to be linear (hence the lengthy timeline) is actually a very visual person that likes to do things hands-on to learn best.

Here is picture of the timeline as it resides now on the MCGC Island as well as happily in my inventory. HMMM maybe I will put it on the lawn in front of DY building on LLI.

I am as happy as a clam…so I might just go dig some. Thanks again Esme.

Welcome to Lighthouse Learning Island

I will tell you about the island that I own in conjunction with Nauset, Plymouth and Barnstable School Districts. Plymouth is the only one not on Cape Cod but it is very close and the Tech Director there used to be in Barnstable so we have stayed in contact. We used Enhancing Education Through Technology grant funds to purchase the island. So far it has mostly been built by Kathy Dryburgh of Nauset. My building is pretty empty and I hope to learn the skills in this class to furnish it and begin to use it with teachers for professional development.

Kathy is also trying to get us into the Teen Grid but is meeting with some resistance from Linden. We meet next Tuesday so I will know much more by then.

Below are a few picture I took yesterday so you get a sense of what the island looks like. Kathy has sold off some of our unused space…I will be learning about that next week as well. I think Adobe may be setting up shop on the island tool.

I will be keeping you posted on the changes I make to LLI


Introduction to Pamet Heron aka Lory Stewart

I look forward to this course. I am already a registered user. My SL name is pamet heron. I would am a MAT 01 grad and have come back to the Grad Center 3 other times to take courses to keepmyself current in emerging technologies. I am also a part owner of an island in Second Life and have a $5000.00 in Linden dollars available for purchasing of equipment to outfit my educational space. It is my hope that in this class I will now force myself to take the time to engage in SL. I have not done so yet. Time has really been and issue for me. My island is collaborative with four other school district’s on and just off of Cape Cod. We are Lighthouse Learning Island. The other three districts each have one very active member who have built spaces and already use SL for teaching and learning. Two of them are ISTE docents. I am way down on the curve and need to get up to speed. My goal for this course is to design and develop my learning space and actually develop content for delivery to teachers in the fall. My first task is to figure out how to get my avatar into my profile.
Living on Cape Cod I love to be on near the water as much as possible. I kayak, sail, powerboat, fish, lobster with my 10 pots and have just recently gotton a two-acre shellfish grant where I will be raising oysters on one acre and clams on the other. I will be planting my seeds in the next few weeks.