The Project…A Closer Look at the Teen Grid and How to Get There

Now that I have finished entertaining half of the Western Civilization for the past 5 days I can get back to work. I have a thousand posts to read. ARRRGH.

I don’t know if there is going to be more information in the forums regarding the project but my thoughts are these. I have looked at the rubric and the forums and in-world participation is far more weighty than the final project so how important is the project?

I am thinking I need to focus on this opportunity to meet, talk and potentially plan with Peggy Sheehy. She has a project in place and has already had experience, a positive one with Fred/Gus from Firesabre, with establishing a presence on the Teen Grid.

I am wondering if attending her breakouts at the Alan November Conference, a personal interview and the development of an action plan on how I will move my district into the virtual worlds would be an acceptable project? An additional part would be to chronicle what I learn from Peggy to the class. There were definitely two or three others interested in the concept.

I am hoping that my approval for the Teen Grid comes through prior to the conference. I hope to get a glimpse of the Teen Grid but don’t know if that is possible. One thing I know for sure is I do not want to make any mistakes and get banned.

If this project is feasible, then I will ask Esme for an extension on my proposal until the 19th, the day after the conference ends.

I am going to post this in the forums as well. I may want to begin some of my post in both places since I want a record of this after the course ends.

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